Spray Tans

At Teconail you can select from two of Australian products that are leaders across the country.
Black Magic Argan Tan offers amongst the very best results in spray tanning.
With Argan Tan you will discover a rich blend of antioxidents and infused with all natural Argan Oil meaning the very driest of skins will develop amazing colour in as little as two hours, developing the moment it is sprayed on.
Black Magic Argan Tan is assisted with by using Advanced Development Technology, you can be sure of having some developed colour at your desired wash time. 
Naked Tan are the creators of the original 2 hour wash ‘n’ wear tanning range.They arrived on the industry scene in 2007 and have since led the market in quick acting tans.

With four shades available to match every skin shade, there’s a Naked Tan solution for everyone – with a guarantee to deliver the perfect results every time.

Products are all-natural and ideal for those with dark skin complexions, in need of a fast results in achieving an even darker complexion.

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