About Us

Teconail are proud to add a new and exciting dimension to your next nail salon visit.

Our name has been specially chosen to denote our purpose – combining the latest technology with the most eco friendly products available in the nail salon industry.

Teconail not only provide the excellent service, styles and techniques our customers expect but also offer, and will continue to update, the most ecologically friendly and technology based experience you will encounter in any nail salon throughout the world.

We have access to state of the art technology and new products from vendors around the world, with our main focus on sourcing groundbreaking products from the US and Japan.

Each Teconail salon will focus on remaining a trendsetter for the nail and beauty industry with the increased, and ongoing, use of eco friendly, disposable and sustainable products wherever possible.

Our guarantee is to continue as leaders in our field in the use of eco friendly products.

The aim of Teconail is to address today’s busy business women and mums who have little time for themselves and need a fast quality service.

 In addition to this Teconail also appeals to a younger demographic looking for the latest in trendy nail art to both compliment their look and impress their friends.

At Teconail we are proud to address both demographics by successfully providing our trained staff with the technology to shorten your visit without sacrificing quality and always offering the latest nail techniques.

Importantly, this is all done with the knowledge that everything possible is being done by Teconail to help the environment.

As an added benefit the introduction of new, odourless, products makes for a much more pleasant salon experience.

We hope, with our loyal customers continued support, the success of our current Teconail stores will continue and thrive.

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